Development Geology Fundamentals

June 21, 2008 at 3:35 pm | Posted in Ngangsu Kawruh | 1 Comment

Development Geology Fundamentals
Rumbai TC on 27-31 Aug 07

Development Geology – [PetroSkills]
Discipline:     Geology
Level:  Intermediate   


o        Influence of geological characteristics on development

o        Economic value of synergistic development teams

o        Appraisal: Determining recoverable hydrocarbons

o        Reservoir fluid properties and saturation

o        Influence of capillarity on hydrocarbon distribution and fluid contacts

o        Volumetric reserve estimation and calculation

o        Depositional and digenetic controls on reservoir rock (pore space), barriers, and hydrocarbon   distribution

o        Aquifer characterization, distribution, and mapping

o        Seismic applications in appraisal and development

o        Development drilling: How to optimize hydrocarbon recovery

o        Reservoir zonation and thickness mapping

o        Reservoir pore space configurations and mapping

o        Material balance and performance predictions

o        Geological and petrophysical activities in field review and special studies for infill drilling and enhanced oil recovery

o        Steps in building a geologic reservoir model



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  1. halo,, im study in university of 3sakti.. how i gate beasiswa?

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